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Hepatitis C drug combo shows promising results in overseas trials

Source: BOSTON — An investigational combination of antiviral agents was almost universally successful in curing hepatitis C (HCV) patients with severe kidney disease, a...   Read More

Hepatitis Foundation nurses attend NZ Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting

Hepatitis Foundation Nurses Alannah and Helen are attending the NZ Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting to raise awareness about viral hepatitis.   Alannah (left) and Helen...   Read More

New integrated service aims to cure Hepatitis C in the Midland health region

Release from HealthShare Ltd New wonder drugs achieving 90%+ cure rates in hepatitis C will become available to people living in the Midland health...   Read More

Taking on hepatitis C: A few words from Dr Farrell

Written by: Dr Tony Farrell, GP at Mount Maunganui Medical Centre.  A patient recently booked in to see me specifically to ask if he...   Read More

Going for a blood test? Here’s what you need to know beforehand

Drink plenty of water prior to the test as it makes it easier to collect blood from the vein. You don’t need to fast...   Read More

Going for a FibroScan? Here’s what to expect

A FibroScan is nothing to be concerned about. It is a simple, quick and painless procedure which is similar to an ultrasound. If you’re due...   Read More

The Hepatitis Foundation donates two FibroScan machines

The Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand is gifting two FibroScan machines to help health organisations around New Zealand speed up monitoring and treatment. The...   Read More

Talking Hep C: Spring edition out now

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Roger’s story

Article republished with permission from bloodline, Journal of Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand Inc. Hepatitis C (HCV) is a silent killer that can lurk...   Read More

Photos: Hepatitis Foundation Nurses Conference

The Hepatitis Foundation Nurses Conference, held October 27-28, provided an opportunity for nurses around New Zealand to up skill their knowledge within the hepatology...   Read More

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