Hepatitis B Personal Stories

William’s story

Source: HepMag.com William is from Massachusetts, America. He was diagnosed with hepatitis B in 1996, hepatitis C in 1989.   I am 46 years...   Read More

Gino’s story

Meet Gino. He is a 35-year-old student living in Christchurch. Gino grew up in China but moved to New Zealand in 2015 to study...   Read More

Robert’s story

Robert, 63, has had one crazy journey. He has worked as a hairdresser and make-up artist since he was 22, lived in Hong Kong...   Read More

Clarke’s story

Clarke, 39, lives in Waihi with his wife and four teenage sons. He found out he was a hepatitis B carrier when he was...   Read More

Carolyn’s story

Tacoma, Washington Family Member Diagnosed With Hep B in 2012 Story source: hepmag.com In 2012, I was in my first year of nursing school...   Read More

Sheree’s story

At first glance Sheree’s life appears plagued by illness and the loss of a much-loved hospital nursing career. Despite the challenges imposed by living...   Read More

Louis’s story

Honesty and openness are the keys to a strong relationship. But for one man finding out his partner didn’t hold those same values cost...   Read More

Michelle’s story

Michelle had a healthy childhood and was unaware that her mother had unknowingly passed on the hepatitis B virus to her at birth. When...   Read More

Mike’s story

Mike lives in Kenya and has recently learned of his hepatitis B status. He contacted the Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand and has written...   Read More

Want to share your story?

You can help others going through the same thing by sharing your story. If you are interested in sharing your story fill in the...   Read More

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