Hepatitis C Personal Stories

Gloria’s story

Source: World Hepatitis Alliance Gloria lives in Canada. I learned in about 2002 when I was applying for a wage loss insurance, that somewhere...   Read More

Sam’s story

Source: World Hepatitis Alliance Sam is from Canada. During my grade 12 year in high school I was asked to participate in a survey...   Read More

James’s story

Source: World Hepatitis Alliance.  James is from Australia. I was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2004. I had gone to my doctor because I...   Read More

John’s story

It’s been a rough road for John, 68. In 2009 John desperately needed a liver transplant. Doctors told him he only had a few...   Read More

Marian’s story

Source: Hepatitis Queensland Australian woman Marian Donnelly lived with hepatitis C for 42 years, before she was cleared of the virus in June 2016. Nine...   Read More

‘Martin’s’ story

This story was originally published in a Press Release from Northland District Health Board. In July 2016, the New Zealand Government and Pharmac funded...   Read More

Peter’s story

Peter, 56, lived with hepatitis C for almost 30 years before he was diagnosed in 2006. Peter lives with his wife and three-year-old son...   Read More

Tina’s story

Tina is a 43-year-old anesthesiologist from Dunedin. After a minor accident at work, she never would have imagined she had contracted hepatitis C. While...   Read More

Steve’s story

Source: Hepmag.com Steve is from Minnesota, USA.   In 2009, I applied for life insurance. The insurance application process required a blood test. I...   Read More

Fungisai’s story

My hepatitis C journey began when I was born in Africa 50 years ago. I had a really weak immune system growing up and...   Read More

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