Symptom series: Flu-like symptoms

Flu-like symptoms are caused by a chemical called interferon. Interferon is a natural chemical produced by our immune systems. When we fight a cold...   Read More

Hepatitis symptom series: Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are common mental health conditions which can affect a person’s quality of life. According to the Ministry of Health’s Te Rau...   Read More

Focus on primary care before we run out of hep C patients, says Ed Gane

The health sector could run out of hepatitis C patients to treat unless GPs and primary care connect with thousands of untreated people in...   Read More

Woman cured of hepatitis C wants people to get tested for the disease

An Auckland woman cured from a three-decade long battle with hepatitis C is urging people to get tested for the disease. In 1982, Wendy Overy​...   Read More

Congratulations Kerikeri Medical Centre,  Ruatahi Medical Practices and Ranolf Medical Centre

  Congratulations to Kerikeri Medical Centre,  Ruatahi Medical Practices and Ranolf Medical Centre for their display board on hepatitis for World Hepatitis Day on 28...   Read More

Liver specialist calls for more Hep C funding to reduce deaths

A leading liver specialist at Auckland Hospital is calling for Pharmac to expand funding for treatment of Hepatitis C to reduce deaths linked to...   Read More

Waikato leads change to region’s hepatitis C treatment

Dramatic changes in the way hepatitis C is diagnosed and treated are underway in Waikato and the wider Midlands health region, thanks to research,...   Read More

Eliminating viral hepatitis focus of World Hepatitis Day

Today is World Hepatitis Day with a theme of eliminating hepatitis. In May 2016 New Zealand was one of 194 countries that adopted the World...   Read More

Today is World Hepatitis Day!

Around 150,000 people live with hepatitis B or C in New Zealand and many of those people are undiagnosed. As today is World Hepatitis...   Read More

July 1 initiatives deliver for Kiwis

On the July 1, a number of initiatives came into effect which will benefit the Botany community. These are initiatives that deliver for New...   Read More

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