Friday July 28 is World Hepatitis Day

Viral hepatitis is a worldwide endemic which affects millions of people worldwide. As World Hepatitis Day on Friday 28 July, the Hepatitis Foundation of...   Read More

RNZ: Experiment for treating liver cancer challenging scientists thinking of how the disease works

Source: Radio New Zealand.  Science commentator at Radio New Zealand Siouxsie Wiles: “Liver cancer is one of the third leading causes of cancer-related deaths...   Read More

The Hepatitis Foundation to collaborate with CDA for analysis of hepatitis B in New Zealand

Later this year The Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand will team up with Professor Homie Razavi, Founder and Managing Director at the Centre for...   Read More

PHARMAC to widen access to hepatitis C drug Harvoni

From July 1, 2017, Harvoni will be made available for people with chronic hepatitis C and advanced disease at an earlier stage.  According to...   Read More

Foundation’s study of the connection between hepatitis B and metabolic syndrome to ‘save a lot of lives’

This month the Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand is commencing an exciting and unique study of how metabolic syndrome in people with hepatitis B...   Read More

South Island receives first community-based FibroScan machine

Source: A new piece of medical equipment means people in the top of the South Island can have their liver checked in the community without...   Read More

Can coffee reduce the risk of certain liver cancers?

Source: Medical News Today If you enjoy your morning cup of joe, the results of a recent study will be welcoming news. Researchers have...   Read More

Symptom series: Brain fog

Chronic hepatitis C (HCV) impacts the healthy functioning of the liver. The liver has more than 500 functions, including the removal of harmful toxins...   Read More

Hepatitis and nutrition

Written by Kylie Russell, Clinical Dietitian, Auckland Hospital and New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit. Good nutrition is important if you have the hepatitis B...   Read More

FAIRFAX: Harvoni clearing kiwi musician of hepatitis C

Story source:   As Martin Phillipps drove across the North Island as part of The Chills’ reunion tour, he received a call to...   Read More

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