The hepatitis B monitoring programme

We offer a national programme for people living with chronic hepatitis B in New Zealand. Through this programme we care for 25,000 New Zealanders living with hepatitis B.

The Ministry of Health funds the programme, which provides care and information to people with hepatitis B. The programme includes:

  • Access to community hepatitis nurses
  • Access to specialist care if needed
  • Regular blood tests
  • Liver assessment, including a FibroScan (ultrasound)
  • Resources and information about hepatitis B, testing and treatment
  • Advice
  • A hepatitis helpline.

Regular monitoring is very important in the management of hepatitis B. Everyone living with the virus requires long- term follow-up and six-monthly blood tests. As part of the programme we will organise your six-monthly blood tests and ensure you get the right care and support to reduce the impact of the virus.

9a8a94c00820f29af5c1d3e22c0c9521_f896How to enrol

You can enrol in the hepatitis B monitoring programme by:

  • Calling the hepatitis helpline
  • Completing an online self-enrolment form 
  • Printing, completing, and sending a self-enrolment form
  • Meeting with a health provider, who will talk to you about referring you to us, and will then arrange that referral. Health professionals can also complete online referrals.

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