Symptom series: Brain fog

Chronic hepatitis C (HCV) impacts the healthy functioning of the liver. The liver has more than 500 functions, including the removal of harmful toxins...   Read More

Hepatitis and nutrition

Written by Kylie Russell, Clinical Dietitian, Auckland Hospital and New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit. Good nutrition is important if you have the hepatitis B...   Read More

Alcohol, drugs and viral hepatitis

Source article found here: Everything we eat, drink, breathe, smoke, inject and apply to the skin passes through the liver. The liver processes...   Read More

International Liver Congress held in Amsterdam this week

The International Liver Congress™ (ILC) is the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver. It is held in April...   Read More

Video: What does the liver do?

In this TED-Ed video Emma Bryce explains what the liver does:

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Welcome to our new website!

We have launched a new website this month! This website has been developed to be easier to navigate and more user-friendly for our visitors. The...   Read More

Hepatitis Foundation offers Scholarship to post-graduate medical student

The Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand (the Foundation) is a charitable organisation which provides care for people living with viral hepatitis. The Foundation has...   Read More

Stigma and discrimination

Many people with hepatitis C experience stigma associated with the virus. This can include stigmatisation by others as well as self-stigmatisation, where people have...   Read More

Dealing with liver and abdominal pain

Liver and abdominal pain are a frequent occurrence in people with chronic hepatitis C. Patients can sometimes find it difficult or even frustrating to...   Read More

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