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Looking after yourself with hepatitis – Just the basics Hepatitis B – The facts you need to know  Hepatitis B and pregnancy
 Seroconversion and hepatitis B:  The protocol for seroconverted patients is under review and may change.   Understanding the FibroScan

You have been diagnosed with hepatitis B

Looking after yourself with hepatitis B and the importance of regular blood tests

Management of chronic hepatitis B 

Viral hepatitis basics 

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dd8af6331e8bccf3824b2d0c5d184347_f981Maori – Looking after yourself – Just the basics bcbebf4d4c074dcbed654691db8d6025_f1409Chinese- Looking after yourself with hepatitis: Just the basics 
49895982bfcc2d8a4c0c97d3b1e33129_f1410Tongan- Looking after yourself with hepatitis: Just the basics  
6e6e9ea33671d186ce1218004fa1f88c_f987Korean – Looking after yourself with hepatitis –Just the basics
fba0611615d8093caed101b143f72813_f1030Chinese – Hepatitis B and pregnancy
0ed122d4db6b621cfe341d7964f65c84_f1199Tongan – Hepatitis B and pregnancy  
6cf8b4bfeb7bd09e2e8dff97d749326f_f1296Vietnamese – Viral hepatitis basis ee1bf69c625f19be6d342efa8b2fbc46_f1295 Burmese – Viral hepatitis basics
113b1c248c8ca32a310f7badf0543db9_f985Chinese – Hepatitis B – The facts you need to know 

Chinese – You’ve been diagnosed with hepatitis B  Tongan – You’ve been diagnosed with hepatitis B 
Samoan – You’ve been diagnosed with hepatitis B Tongan – Understanding hepatitis B

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Management of chronic hepatitis B fb9eb74776a98ec2c75b1fe973ca9ce7_f428 Hepatitis B poster (blue) db1060ba5696ede73772684ffda3b948_f429 Hepatitis B poster (orange)
Hepatitis B algorithm Management of hepatitis B and pregnancy Hepatitis B FibroScan scorecard
d86ee059b4a9580f93dc5d7fe96c5d7b_f819HCC surveillance for carriers of HBV 544f73953320574a6c4e780a61bd2b58_f1046 Six-monthly testing for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) 63e8a4c3a0c04227168b4e9de872b263_f1047 Six-monthly testing for liver disease
50032aaf34c96830c80dd92ae9e7f0ef_f820 Antiviral management for HBeAG negative HBV carriers a50f8421120263f4a8f3aadefd1d6ee8_f980 Antiviral management for HBeAG positive patients  Follow up tests and Description
Interpretation of hepatitis B results Research review educational series: Hepatitis B Vaccination for Travellers


Hepatitis B Flipchart English Hepatitis B Flipchart Mandarin Hepatitis B Flipchart Samoan 

Hepatitis B Flipchart Tongan


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