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Hepatitis is a virus that causes inflammation of the liver. About 150,000 New Zealanders live with chronic hepatitis B or C. The Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve health outcomes for those New Zealanders living with chronic hepatitis B or C. Contact the Hepatitis Foundation to join their free national programmes to receive information, support and community healthcare.

Hepatitis. Know it. Test it. Treat it. 

If you would like to talk to someone about hepatitis B or C, please call the Hepatitis Foundation on 0800 33 20 10. 

Hepatitis B personal stories

Carolyn's story

In 2012, I was in my first year of nursing school in California. We were learning about liver disease and its manifestations. I had never taken care of a patient with liver disease, nor did I know anyone personally who had it. However, that changed that summer.

Mike's story

Hepatitis B personal story: Mike is a Kenyan man who has recently been diagnosed with hepatitis B and wants to share his story with others.

Hepatitis C personal stories

Tina's story

Tina, 43, is an anesthesiologist from Dunedin. After a very minor accident at work, she never would have imagined she had contracted hepatitis C.

Fungisai's story

My hepatitis C journey began when I was born in Africa 50 years ago. I had a really weak immune system growing up and the hospital was like my second home.

News & events

Latest research shows Australia on track to cure hepatitis C

22 February 2017 - More Australians have been treated for hepatitis C in the past 12 months than the last decade combined, following the listing of a new generation therapy on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Mother can't visit her son in New Zealand because she has hepatitis B and C

21 February 2017 - Source: NZ HERALD - Jie, 60, has not been able to get a visa to visit her 33-year-old son, who moved to Auckland nearly five years ago, because she has Hepatitis B and C.

Stigma and discrimination

17 February 2017 - Many people with hepatitis experience stigma associated with the virus. This can include self-stigmatisation, where people have negative thoughts about themselves.