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Life just got easier for a Whakatane High School student beginning Health Science next year

Mia Shepherd has won a Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand scholarship, which will contribute $10,000 towards her study over three years. The foundation will also provide a mentor to support Mia during her studies.

Mia has been accepted into The University of Otago’s 2023 Bachelor of Science, Health Science first-year programme.  “I am very passionate about Science and love to be around and help others where I can. Therefore, I am really keen to have a career in either Medicine or Pharmacy because both revolve around helping others by using science, two of my greatest passions.”

With a commitment to environmental leadership, Mia was the Enviro Prefect for 2022. She was also selected for the Otago University Advanced School Sciences Academy 2022. “During this programme I participated in many courses ranging from Chemistry to Forensic Science, listened to lectures from experienced professors and got the chance to explore Dunedin and the Otago University Campus. This programme cemented my passion for Science and inspired me to take Health Science First Year at Otago University.”

Hepatitis Foundation chief executive Susan Hay is pleased to support young people interested in careers in the healthcare industry. “This year we extended our Scholarship criteria to include Whakatāne and Trident High Schools. With a high calibre of applications, Mia was an outstanding candidate for this year’s scholarship. Her achievements to date show her to be an admirable young woman who will excel in a health sciences profession.”

Mia was awarded her scholarship on Wednesday 7 December. She plans to use the scholarship funds for study fees, accommodation and the equipment required for the degree course.


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