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Interpretation services for cultural communication

The Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand (HFNZ) strives continuously to engage with patients from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and demographics. Its multicultural team helps with this, ensuring patients can connect with clinical and administrative staff members who can identify with and understand them.

The foundation’s new partnership with Australian-based organisation Connecting Now has enhanced its patient connection abilities. Founded in 2002 to help communities connect in the language of their choice, it offers fast, reliable and clear interpreting services.

“Connecting Now helps us break down communication barriers and engage effectively with our patients,” says HFNZ chief executive Susan Hay. “It’s enabled us to reach people we traditionally haven’t easily been able to.”

“New Zealand is one of the many countries supporting the World Health Organisation’s goal to eliminate global hepatitis by 2030. To work toward this, our team is striving to increase diagnosis and treatment for the at-risk groups, including Chinese.”

Māori and Pacific Islanders are also considered high risk of contracting hepatitis B, which is a leading cause of liver cancer in NZ. About 100,000 New Zealanders live with the chronic form of the virus. To reduce this incidence, HFNZ is partnering with community healthcare organisations and kaupapa Màori partners to test their patients.  
“It’s important for everyone in the healthcare industry to work together to help people with hepatitis B achieve positive outcomes,” Susan says.
The foundation offers regular blood tests, education and support for people with hepatitis B. Phone 0800 33 20 10 to speak to the team. 


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