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Cementing spot as leading liver health info source

The Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand website is performing increasingly well in Google searches following the introduction of a new content strategy in 2020.

The strategy aims to better position the organisation as NZ’s leading source of liver health information. Since implementation began on September 25, the foundation has climbed higher in the list of results that show up for various liver health search terms.

When searching ‘Liver NZ’ in September, for example, the foundation was the 10th result. It is now the sixth. In September, the foundation was the 33rd result when searching ‘Liver health NZ’. On January 7 it had taken the fifth spot and is now fourth.

The icing on the cake is the ‘Love your liver NZ’ search term. In September, the Hepatitis Foundation did not rank in the top 50 Google results. It now holds the first and second spots.

Foundation CEO Susan Hay says this reflects the ongoing efforts of staff to ensure patient, community and healthcare professional information needs are met. “Our website is a primary source of hepatitis and general liver health information and we constantly strive to keep the content fresh and relevant for our various audiences. It’s pleasing to see the content strategy reaping rewards so soon after its implementation began.”

Additional search terms relating to liver health will be the focus in the coming months.


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