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What do Privacy Act changes mean for liver healthcare?

Changes to New Zealand’s Privacy Act came into force on December 1, 2020. As a healthcare provider, patient privacy is very important to us and everyone registered with us can rest assured we will adhere to these changes without exception.  

The changes mean:

  • If you’re enrolled with us, we will only collect information relevant to you and your hepatitis B or relevant liver health. We won’t gather any information that’s not related to management of your hepatitis 

  • We will not share any of your personal information unless it is with a health professional (in their capacity as clinical care provider) or directly to you 

  • If you are registered with us, we will share your health information with you if you request a copy of your records  

  • We won’t share any of your information outside New Zealand unless the reciprocal country has the same privacy laws as NZ. 


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