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Privacy Statement for The Hepatitis Foundation of New Zealand

The Hepatitis Foundation of NZ (HFNZ) adheres to the requirements of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, the Rules set by the Health Information Privacy Code 2020, and Principle 3 of the Privacy Act, 2020, where patients have to be notified of the collecting/sharing/storing of their health information.  

Patients enrolled on the HFNZ community Hepatitis B monitoring programme have their health information collected and shared between the health care providers looking after them. The HFNZ holds a secure electronic record that allows those healthcare providers to efficiently access information such as test results, medications, GP summaries and hospital information. This helps them to make safer, faster and better informed decisions about your care.

If you don’t want your health information shared in this way you can request this at any time. Please email or call 0800 33 20 10.

Should you be a South Island based patient, please note that this facility is contributing to, and accessing healthcare information from HealthOne.

What is HealthOne?

HealthOne is a South Island based secure electronic record that allows registered healthcare providers directly involved in your healthcare, to quickly access information such as your test results, allergies, medications, GP summaries and hospital information. HealthOne strictly adheres to the principles of the Privacy Act, 2020 as well as the Rules set out in the Health Information Privacy Code 2020. Access is only possible via an approved highly secure healthcare information network which is regularly audited and tested. Privacy auditing is used to check that only those directly involved in your care are accessing your information. To find out more about HealthOne please visit Please note that you are entitled to restrict the sharing of your healthcare records by contacting 0508 837 872 or emailing


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